Domestic & Commercial Secure Reliable Clean Affordable Flexible Storage

Secure your belongings with confidence with Eden Safe Store.

Simple pricing

At Eden Safe Store, we like to keep things simple. We offer containers of various sizes:

• 50 square feet
• 100 square feet
• 120 square feet

The cost is £1.30 per calender month per square foot. Minimum of 50 square feet. 

Our standards

Here at Eden Safe Store we take the preservation of your items very seriously. We have ADT Red Care Security. We also have temperature control and pest control measures.


To comply with our high standards there are rules about certain items that we can not store:

• Anything illegal (stolen items, drugs, etc)
• Lawn Mowers
• Vehicles
• Flammable liquids
• Chemicals
• Anything alive – including plants

If you’re not sure about an item give us a call and ask.